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This USB Flash Drive Contains Ten 30 Minute Specials of the Busy Beavers TV Show.
Watch Over 5 Hours of Busy Beavers TV Shows, Songs, Lessons, Animation & Puppet Vids
No Ads, Simple, Safe, Easy
Plug this Drive into Your Smart TV or Computer to Sing Along & Learn
We will mail this as Regular Letter Air Mail (no tracking number) to the address you provide to most countries in the world.
USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand
Regular Letter Mail processing times apply (approximately 3 weeks)

Flash Drive Contents:
1. Five Little Animals + More (33:35)
2. Hello Yellow + More (32:18)
3. ABC Phonics Song + More (30:57)
4. Honey Bee + More (35:14)
5. I Like Purple + More (33:52)
6. Here Comes My Baby + More (34:25)
7. Five Little Fruits + More (34:26)
8. Nursery Rhymes Collection (32:14)
9. Christmas Special (44:45)
10. Halloween Special (30:51)

Over 5 Hours of Original Busy Beavers Songs & Lessons.
Video Size: HD 1280 X 720
Average Video File Size: 2.5 GB
Plays Smoothly on All New Smart TVs and Computers