Download Album | English 123 Songs for Beginners | $4.99 USD


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Download Album | English 123 Songs for Beginners | $4.99 USD
This Compilation Album is a Remix of all the Busy Beavers Biggest Hits from English Levels 123. We re-recorded these tracks with fresh Harmonies & Instruments.

English 123 Songs for Beginners Album Track Listing:

1. The Apple is Red (Remix)
2. The Alphabet Song (Remix)
3. The Family Song (Remix)
4. It’s Rainy (Remix)
5. The House Song (Remix)
6. The Calendar Song (Remix)
7. The Meal Song (Remix)
8. In On Under (Remix)
9.I’m Happy (Remix)
10. The Food Song (Remix)
11. Days of the Week Song (Remix)
12. The Paint is Pink (Remix)
13. 10 Little Horses (Remix)
14. Characters Song (Remix)
15. The Clothing Song (Remix)
16. Today It’s Monday (Remix)
17. Simon Says (Remix)
18. The Shopping Song (Remix)
19. Alphabet Chant (Remix)
20. The Color Song (Remix)
21. Circle Square (Remix)
22. Do You Have It? (Remix)
23. The Weather Song (Remix)
24. People in Our Community (Remix)
25. The Seasons Song (Remix)
26. Can You Do It? (Remix)
27. How Are You? (Remix)
28. The Busy Beaver Song (Remix)

Running Time: 1 Hour 10 Minutes

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