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Download Album | English Level 3 | $4.99 USD
Level 3 of the Busy Beavers English Speaking Curriculum Teaches Parts of the Body, In On Under, Family, Clothing, Seasons, Months, Occupation & more with a focus on Speaking in Full Sentences.

English Level 3 Album Track Listing:

1. Simon Says
2. Parts of the Body
3. Touch Your Nose
4. Touch Your Toes
5. In On Under
6. In (Lesson)
7. On (Lesson)
8. Under (Lesson)
9. In front of (Lesson)
10. Behind (Lesson)
11. Next to (Lesson)
12. Between (Lesson)
13. Whose is it?
14. Where is it?
15. The Family Song
16. Family Tree Chant
17. Character Families
18. Talk About Your Family
19. The Clothing Song
20. Clothing Picture Dictionary
21. What Are You Wearing?
22. The Calendar Song
23. How Many?
24. The Seasons Song
25. Seasons Practice
26. Months Practice
27. The Meal Song
28. Meals Practice
29. A Busy Week
30. People in Our Community
31. Saying the Date
32. Review Test

Running Time: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

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