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Download Album | Kids Easy Learning Songs | $4.99 USD
A Collection of Busy Beavers Biggest Original Songs from YouTube and Spotify. Enjoy the Full Version of Colors of the Alphabet, The Orange is Orange, Companion Songs Wash my Hands & Take a Bath and many more.

Kids Easy Learning Songs Album Track Listing:

1. The Orange is Orange
2. Take a Bath Song
3. Island Vegetables Groove
4. Watch Me Fish
5. Days of the Week Song
6. Ever Blink ABCs
7. Mommy Loves You
8. Months of the Year Funk
9. Surfing the ABCs
10. Colors of the Alphabet
11. Days of the Week Chant
12. Wash My Hands Song
13. Potty Party Song
14. ABC Smooth Groove
15. Months of the Year Chant

Running Time: 52 Minutes

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