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Download Album | Korean Level 1 | $4.99 USD
These Easy Korean Lessons for Beginner Children, Youths and Adults get Students Speaking in Sentences right away. Using a Question and Answer Dialogue these 24 Lessons Teach Names, Simple Objects, Colors, Shapes, Counting, Object in the Home, Simple Actions, Food & more.

Korean Level 1 Album Track Listing:

1. My Name Is
2. In the Classroom
3. Numbers 1 to 100
4. I’m Hot I’m Cold
5. Colors Lesson
6. Shapes Lesson
7. Counting Practice
8. The Color Game
9. In the Park
10. Rooms in the Home
11. In the Bedroom
12. In the Bathroom
13. In the Living Room
14. In the Dining Room
15. In the Kitchen
16. Playing Games
17. Playing Instruments
18. Simple Actions
19. Eating and Drinking
20. Playing Review
21. Everyday Activities
22. Park Test
23. Bedroom Test
24. Living Room Test

Running Time: 1 Hour 51 Minutes

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