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This T Shirt is Size “Youth” M (Medium).
From the Tip of one Shoulder Seam to the other is 435 millimetres.
From the Top of the Neck to the Bottom is 595 millimetres.
The Photo in the Gallery shows these dimensions.
If you wonder “Will this T Shirt fit?” try measuring one of your own T Shirts.

Show Everyone that You’re a Busy Beaver with a Busy Beavers Branded T Shirt made by Gildan. This a Quality Cotton T Shirt with the Classic 2D Cartoon Billy Beaver saying “I’m a Busy Beaver!” in Popping 4 Color Silk Screen Printing.
Who are Gildan? One of the biggest T Shirt manufacturers in the world.
Ever bought a T Shirt from a Live Concert? Gildan make a lot of those shirts.

These T Shirts are fairly thick, durable cotton and can be worn all year around.
It’s safe to machine wash these T Shirts. In the past they have been through many wash cycles before the Fabric Color and Printed Graphic began to fade. Expect a small amount of shrinkage like all Cotton T Shirts but not much.

* Note About the Pink Fabric Color:
The T Shirts in these Photos appear slightly “Raspberry / Red” Color but in real life the cotton fabric is more of a “Fuchsia / Pink” like this Color #ff4ec4

* Note About T Shirt Condition:
These are New / Old Stock that have been in a Box in our Studio in New Zealand for the past few years. They have never been worn but have some creases in the fabric that will come out in the first wash.

* Note About Shipping:
The Shipping Cost is included in the price of this T Shirt for $39.99 USD
In an attempt to keep this price as reasonable as possible we do not provide tracking for our packages. The Tracking Service can cost over $100 USD per Item from our Studio here in New Zealand (too expensive). For that reason we don’t offer the ability to track packages.

Buyers Please be aware that 3 Weeks Delivery time is normal and sometimes delivery may take even longer. We’ve all ordered lots of things Online and we all know it can take a few weeks to arrive, especially if it’s coming from New Zealand. We ask that you are patient with the delivery service.

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