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USB Flash Drive | English Levels 1, 2, 3 + Phonics Series (Price $36 Shipping $7)

This USB Flash Drive Comes Loaded with English Level 1, 2 and 3 to Teach Easy Conversation English Speaking & Grammar with a Focus on Sentence Structure by Asking and Answering Questions.
These Lessons Follow the course Curriculum from the Busy Beavers English Textbooks Level 1,2 and 3.
The Phonics Series Teaches Native English Kindergarten and Elementary School Phonics Curriculum for Letter Recognition and Sound.

Plug this Drive into Your Smart TV or Computer and start Speaking and Singing Along.
No Ads, Simple, Safe, Easy.

Includes 11 Interactive Software Games playable in Adobe Acrobat.
“Rooms in the Home Interactive Lessons” Teaches House Vocabulary with drag & drop Images & sound.
“Alphabet Phonics Puzzle & Games” Teaches the Letters of the Alphabet & Order by dragging icons into the correct spot.
“Alphabet Object Match” is a Series of Memory Games that Teach 2 Objects for every Letter and to recognize the English Word.
“Healthy Food Vocabulary Quest” Teaches the concept of Healthy Food vs. Junk Food in a Fun Catching Game that incorporates Word Recognition.
“Superhero Balloon Color Game” is an Action Game that teaches Word Recognition for 10 Colors.

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Flash Drive Contents:

English Level 1 Part 1 (55 Minutes)
English Level 1 Part 2 (58 Minutes)

English Level 2 Part 1 (50 Minutes)
English Level 2 Part 2 (49 Minutes)

English Level 3 Part 1 (55 Minutes)
English Level 3 Part 2 (54 Minutes)

Phonics Level 1 Lower Case (1 Hour)
Phonics Level 1 Upper Case (1 Hour)

Phonics Level 2 Lower Case (47 Minutes)
Phonics Level 2 Upper Case (46 Minutes)

Over 8 Hours of English Learning & Phonics Lessons

Video File Specifications:
Standard HD 1280 X 720, MP4 File, 25fps, 48kHz Audio
Average Video File Size: 2.1 GB
Plays Smoothly on All New Smart TVs and Computers

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